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Microsoft Baseline Assessment



Kristian Lock


Phone: (+45) 4018 7000


Microsoft Baseline Assessment are designed to provide you with a methodology to discover Microsoft product usage, to review your Microsoft license agreements and provide a compliance report from the resulting comparison.


Gartner Research estimates that as much as 30% can be saved on IT assets in the first year of knowing what is, and isn’t, being used across your Enterprise. This can lead to a year on year cost saving of between 5% and 10%.


The Microsoft Baseline Assessment will help to identify where there is a license shortfall as well as a license under use. This in turn will help to identify key weaknesses in an end users’ license management strategy.

With add-on services, Rezolved can advise how to best utilise this information in an effort to reduce ongoing operating costs, identify compliance risks and better position your Microsoft strategy and event how you potentially can facilitate downscaling of your license need, to reduce yearly cost.




The benefits of this assessment are:

  • Gain control of license usage and license compliance
  • Identify potential cost reduction and cost avoidance
  • Optimise utilisation of available assets
  • Improve IT governance
  • Minimise risk of non-compliance fines
  • Prevent unnecessary spend on new licences
  • Manage vendor negotiations more effectively
  • Ensure the correct types of license agreements, products metrics and terms and conditions are in place to suit business change.


Deliverables (Fixed Price/Bespoke Price)

  • Fixed Price service for known specific Microsoft Estate of 25, 50 or 100 servers running Microsoft technologies like Microsoft SQL,
  • Bespoke Price and service to cover undefined number of servers and clients and Microsoft Technology
  • Collection and collation of all Microsoft license agreement documents, support renewals and transfer/migration documentation
  • Manual or automatic collection/detection of product usage data within the clients’ estate
  • License estate baseline and asset register build
  • Generation of a Microsoft compliance report.


In order to assess the requirements of the client, the following information is required before the engagement begins.

  • Total number of Physical and Virtual Servers (including DR, Backup, Failover, Test, Pre-production and Production)
  • Server Manufacturer / Model / Type and Operating System
  • Quantity of CPUs and Cores per Server
  • Location of Servers (if separate data centres or countries)
  • Proposed Scope of Microsoft Products to review
  • Value of client’s total Microsoft support renewal.


Scope of work

  • Initial Kick Off meeting to define estate for assessment
  • General Microsoft license awareness presentation
  • Copies of the following documentation will be required in order to perform the service and provide the compliance report to the client:
    • Microsoft´s MLS report *
    • All licence agreements o All renewal notices
    • All documentation pertaining to license migrations
    • All documentation pertaining to support retirements/terminations
    • All documentation pertaining to any license transfers (in or out of the business)
    • All offers/proposals submitted by Microsoft or Resellers
    • Access to key IS staff for server knowledge and technology counts/usage
    • Access to key business users for application counts/usage
  • Collection of product usage data. Manual or Automatic
  • Generation of Microsoft Compliance report
  • Optional meeting to present report
  • Optional yearly reassessment


Out of scope

  • Any other software applications other than Microsoft licensing
  • Asset discovery on any non-pre-identified servers or servers that exceed the fixed price server count.


The above services are delivered during normal business hours (9am – 5.30pm) Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays.


* This report lists all the support contracts pertaining to a specific company (ensure that all company entities are requested), including terminated support contracts, renewal dates of each contract number including products, quantities, and values. It is a valuable piece of information when performing a license assessment or review.