Rezolved | Benchmarking
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Today IT is more than hardware and software, the modern IT organisation is more strategic than technical driven, and that set up more complex demands for benchmarking the performance of resources, systems and divisions within the IT organisation.


The common issue is setting of the right KPI´s to benchmark, and keep the information flow simple, focused and specific to the stakeholder to make sure the message is been received and understand.


Our primary goal is helping you to be as agile as possible; to make sure your business can navigate in any market, without IT being the hindrance.


We can help you setting of the strategic benchmarking in you organisation, and implement it in the organisations processes, so it can be used not only as a reactive feedback, but also as a proactive tool.


Proactive benchmarking means that you can use the result to improve processes, strategies and as underlying intelligence for business cases – for example when scaling up, hiring, budgeting.