Rezolved | Analysis
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Analysis gives you a foundation to build on, and we can help you answer the important questions – with answers based on facts. Our analysis models is based on many years of practical knowhow from inside IT organisations, and can be specialized towards specific areas to fit your needs.


We can help you make cost benefit analysis, build business cases to prepare projects and resource analysis of your staff, to find weak spots in the expertise needed to maintain you operation.


That is just examples of the analysis we can help you with, and combined with our many years of expertise, we can be a sparring partner in many aspects of a plan, build run process. When focusing on cost, we can furthermore target not only extraordinary cost, but also pricing levels in many aspects not aligned with the current market situation.


It gives you a unique ace when sitting in negotiation situations, to be on top of the process.


Using Rezolved in these cases not only gives you a knowing sparring partner, but also a neutral partner who is not teamed up with any suppliers, manufactures or resellers – our focus is giving you facts based on facts.